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Founded in May 2007, specializing in the production of drying grinding, mixing and
granulating equipment
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oneysuckle, Puer tea----Drying production line


Belt dryer is widely used in red, green tea, scented tea and other (honeysuckle, etc.) tea of the early, refined drying. Make the tea retains the "color, flavor and taste, shape" four. Can also be used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural products, such as granular, strip, sheet, high humidity materials drying operations. The company is engaged in agricultural and sideline products processing technology research and agricultural and sideline products processing equipment design and manufacture, agricultural and sideline products sales of state-owned enterprises. Is the domestic agricultural and sideline products processing project is the most complete enterprises.

Provide professional food (applicable to small and medium dry) and seeds, Chinese medicine (tablets, extract), vegetables (dehydrated vegetables, dried radish, cabbage, mustard, wild vegetables, edible fungus), fruit (fruit juice, jam, fruit, fruit and vegetable powder), (lees, dregs, sugar residue etc.) residues, livestock and poultry processing wastes (water, blood meal, bone meal, fish meal, feed, etc.) (potato, corn, beans, Ge Gen, Canna Starch) and by-products (protein powder), (konjac, pumpkin, yam, buckwheat powder, konjac powder), corn directly processed malt sugar, tea agricultural materials drying and processing technology and equipment.
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