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Quantitative development of drying equipment to high efficiency and high production

As the product of efforts have been changing smaller, more and more pharmaceutical enterprises in the use of low consumption and high yield of advanced technology, one of the main part is the dehydration method, to reduce energy consumption and waste products and the extent of loss, in this context, the drying equipment industry developed rapidly.
In the new period of energy saving and environmental protection, drying equipment, as one of the main products of pharmaceutical equipment, must conform to the national environmental protection and energy saving oriented policy. In recent years, China's raw material medicine machinery industry has made great progress, in which the drying equipment industry has made great progress, products continue to introduce new, greatly meet the changing needs of the market. Drying equipment enterprises began to pay attention to developing new technology, and development has entered a new stage.
As we all know, China is a big producer of API, but it is not a powerful producer of api. There are many reasons, but one of the most important reasons is that there is a gap between the production of raw material medicine equipment and the application of new technology to the international advanced level. So, to improve the production quality of Chinese crude drugs, in addition to the production enterprises to improve the control standard from software and hardware, but also according to the new changes in the global market, strengthen the application of new technology raw materials equipment, truly in line with international standards.
For a long time, the domestic drying equipment industry has always been characterized by small production scale, low entry threshold, low overall technical content and low average product grade. But today, high-tech products are drying up the emergence of backbone enterprises in the drying equipment manufacturing industry. Drying equipment manufacturing enterprises in China must constantly learn from international advanced technology, combined with practical experience, explore new technologies, develop new technologies, and bring new products to participate in international competition.
With the pharmaceutical machinery market becoming more open, the pharmaceutical equipment economy is producing profound, fundamental and promising changes and innovations, and drying equipment must be developed to a high efficiency and high yield.
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