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Development and application of spray dryer in dairy industry

In the production of dairy products in China, the production of milk powder accounts for about 80% of the total output of milk products, because milk powder is convenient for storage and transportation. In the production process of milk powder, the drying section is one of the most important parts of milk powder production. Only the water content in the drying process is almost the same as that of the milk powder produced. In general, the production equipment and control system of products determines the production process of the products, but the application of advanced equipment and production process control system can also change the application of spray dryer in production of milk powder is a typical example.
The development of spray dryer in dairy industry
Spray dryers were first used in the milk powder industry in 1901 and were not used in the milk powder industry in 1920s. They began to be used in China in the late 1940s. The earliest structure belongs to pressure box (horizontal type), the atomization of material is double flow type, and the power consumption is large. By 1958, the Ministry of light industry in Heilongjiang province to promote the production of milk in small animal pressure spray drying method, Harbin Songhua River in 1955 for the first time the production of milk milk factory by centrifugal spray. These two types of spray dryers were flat bottomed structures at the time, and the powders were intermittent.
In the middle of 1960s, the structure of conical bottom spiral powder separator (auger) appeared in box type pressure drying equipment. The first vertical multi nozzle pressure spray dryer was born in the early 1970s. Its appearance reduced the effective volume of the spray dryer by nearly half, and did not need to stir the powder continuously. 1980s the production of vertical pressure spray dryer single nozzle and its application in milk industry is a key link to promote milk industrial technology progress in China, laid the foundation for promoting the rapid development of China's milk industry.
The spray drying process is the material is pumped to the spray dryer, which is composed of an atomizer dispersed as small droplets; the air is heated into the drying chamber and the fog mixing, contact; complete the drying process after drying after separation of products stored directly or put into use. The spray drying method for the production of milk powder is evenly powdered products, without drying, jelly, grinding process, can be directly used for packing, the production process of milk to achieve mechanization and continuous and large scale, and because the material surface temperature is not too high and improve the quality of milk products, therefore spray dryer has played a huge role in the milk industry production, and the dry water component growing trend. But the spray drying is a high energy consumption process, and the quality after drying high moisture content can be volatile, requires strict control of operation parameters of drying temperature, so the correct selection and operation of spray dryer and control system for the rational design of energy saving, is essential to ensure product quality, not only make due contribution to promote the progress of science and technology and the development of China's dairy industry, but also can stimulate and promote the progress of science and technology and the development of other industries, and make greater contribution to the economic development of the motherland. .
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