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New practical technical characteristics of vacuum belt dryer

New practical technical characteristics of vacuum belt dryer:
1. under vacuum condition to realize the continuous feeding and discharging, feeding amount can be set free.
2. heating system can use steam, hot water and heating oil heating and other forms of transduction.
3. drying temperature from 25 to 80 DEG C. adjusted to 20 minutes - 60 minutes after the start of continuous discharge until the batch completed.
4. track is made of Teflon material, stable operation, reliable and uniform heating area. Track speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, the number of layers is 2 to 5 layers, which can be determined according to the user's output requirements.
5. using a variety of cloth device can adapt to the liquid, extract, powder and granular material drying etc..
6. equipped with automatic grinding system under vacuum conditions, according to the requirements of the user choose dry particle mesh.
7. equipped with CIP in cleaning system, automatic cleaning, convenient and quick.
8. high quality vacuum unit and by careful design combined with continuous large capacity continuous pumping rate and stable vacuum.
9. low energy consumption, no waste, low noise.
10. fully meet the requirements of GMP certification.
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