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Cleaning method of centrifugal spray head of centrifugal spray drier

When we use the centrifugal spray dryer equipment, in order to ensure the next normal use, it is necessary to its centrifugal nozzle cleaning and maintenance. Well, when cleaning centrifugal nozzles in centrifugal spray dryers, do you know what methods can be adopted? Now let's take a look at the details.
In fact, we can choose different methods according to the specific situation, so as to complete the cleaning of the centrifugal nozzle of the centrifugal spray dryer. As for the present situation, there are three main cleaning methods available, namely dry cleaning, wet washing and chemical cleaning. Among them, the chemical washing method can be divided into lye, acid solution and a variety of detergent cleaning. The so-called dry cleaning mainly refers to the use of brush, broom, vacuum cleaner and so on.
So, what is wet wash? The so-called wet washing, actually refers to the use of temperature in the range of sixty to eighty degrees Celsius hot water, centrifugal spray dryer centrifugal nozzle cleaning. And alkaline wash is to NaOH (sodium hydroxide) into 0.5-1% concentration of the solution, and then heated to sixty to eighty degrees Celsius after washing, after cleaning, and then rinse with clean water.
In addition, the so-called pickling, mainly refers to the nitric acid (HNO3) in accordance with the concentration of 1-2% preparation of the solution and then heating it. It is important to note that the heating temperature must not exceed sixty-five degrees celsius. Then wash the centrifugal nozzle of the centrifugal spray dryer and rinse it with clean water at last. It should be noted that after completion of wet cleaning and chemical cleaning, various components of the equipment need to be installed and sterilized at high temperature. Disinfection time is about 15-30 minutes.
In the process of cleaning, attention should be paid to the centrifugal spray dryer centrifugal nozzle protection, special attention should be paid not to use chlorine and its compounds for washing, so as not to occur oxidation. In conclusion, we should not only pay attention to cleaning, but also prevent it from being adversely affected when cleaning centrifugal nozzles in centrifugal spray dryers.
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