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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of spray drying method

There are many types of drying granulator, but spray dryer is the most widely used.
Spray dryer was imported from abroad in 1980s with the same type of products, and was digested, absorbed and improved. As the spray dryer is easy to operate, superior performance, excellent manufacturing, especially to meet the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industry, it has been welcomed by users in the pharmaceutical and food fields. The utility model is especially suitable for drying and granulating Chinese and Western medicine and food products. The prepared granules have strong disintegration, good fluidity and good instant solubility, and can be directly used for tabletting, filling capsules, granules and solid drinks, etc..
Because of its special advantages of spray drying directly from the solution or suspension system to obtain powder uniform components, are widely used in chemical industry, light industry, food and other industries in the chemical industry at present, the most widely used in dye industry. In recent years, with the efforts of engineers and technicians, spray drying technology has been mature, and the determination of tower size has also been successful.
The spray drying is refers to the need to dry the liquid through the nebulizer into tiny droplets in the drying chamber, and mixed with the drying medium to evaporate water in direct contact with the hot gas, through the gas-solid separation collection method and then get powder or granular products.
The material liquid can be a solution, emulsion or suspension, can also be melt liquid or paste. The drying medium may be air, nitrogen, or superheated steam.
The main components of spray drying system are: air heating system, raw material delivery system, atomizer, drying system, gas solid separation and collection system, control system, special requirements of the media circulation mechanism.
Spray drying is a method of applying system technology to material drying. In the drying chamber thinner after atomization, in contact with hot air, water vaporizes quickly, i.e. drying products. The method can directly make the emulsion solution, drying into powder or granular products, saves evaporation, crushing and other steps. By mechanical action, will need to dry materials dispersed into fine particles (like fog, increase evaporation area, accelerate drying process) in contact with hot air, in the moment of the most of the water removed, the solid material in the material drying into powder.
Spray drying characteristics of rapid heat transfer, water evaporates quickly, short drying time, and good quality products, crunchy texture, solubility is good, can improve the dissolution rate of certain formulations, suitable for heat sensitive drugs, in addition, spray drying can also be used for preparing microcapsules.
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